Types of diggers and their uses

Types of diggers and their uses

The diggers are common sights, which are found near the building sites all over the country and thus remain part and parcel of the construction industry. As far as the types of diggers are concerned, they are many; however, checking some common types of these can be a good idea. There are different kinds of diggers, they include

Excavators. One of the common types of digger(boring) is an excavator, which has a single arm over its front side along with a boom and stick with a bucket in it at the end. You can find the cab sitting over the top over the revolving platform, and you can find tracks of wheels below this machine for easy movement. This type of digger is used for a wide range of functions, which include digging, landscaping, grading, and demolition. These can be found in a different range of sizes with bigger ones are often used in mining industry while the smaller ones with industries have limited spaces.

Backhoe Loader. This kind of digger(maskinentreprenør) has been in use since the fifties and has a tractor body having an attached front bucket along with the backhoe. This kind of vehicle is both versatile and compact in size carrying a front bucket that is often used for loading and digging is carried out using the backhoe. One of the important benefits of this machine is that these can be easily be driven on the roads besides being used on different sites for transferring large jobs of different shapes and sizes.

Thus it caters the users the simple and cost effective solutions as compared to the other digger(singel) tools. With these machines, you can enjoy a couple of benefits, which include getting extra stability while you dig any surface using hydraulic stabilizers and lower front scoop.

Bulldozers. The bulldozers were developed by enhancing the farm tractor, which was commonly used in the US during the 1920’s. These types of diggers are often employed at the construction site along with the domains of road construction and mining industry. The bulldozers carrying big steel blades that are front mounted, which are pushed over the body of the tractor is mounted over the caterpillar track’s top.

These carry blades of different types, which are used for completing some tasks and thus can be fitted with the help of rear ripper attachments that further can be used to break inside the tough surfaces. All these vehicles can easily navigate over a very rough kind of terrain without any hassle as these carry a very wide kind of tracks somewhere like the military tanks.

Load all. The load all are also called as telescopic handlers and first introduced in the market in the late seventies. You can find these machines in both construction and agricultural domains. These are very much versatile and compact, which makes it an important tool for construction or agricultural sectors. These machines carry extended booms or arms carrying forklift attachments. The shovel, grapple and bale lift attachments can be easily used with these devices.