The one home pest that both residents and newcomers to Phoenix never get used to is the desert bark scorpion. This menace can reach a length of inches, but its the arachnid’s particular appearance and behavior that makes them one of the Phoenix area’s most dreaded pets. An infestation of bark scorpions isn’t the end of the world, but it can certainly ruin a homeowner’s day.

Pest control specialization in places like Phoenix AZ are quick to educate home and business owners about how to prevent pests, rather than try to get rid of them. Bark scorpions are no exception. Though they are solitary creatures, they tend to learn from each other where sources of shelter, food and water are found. In the Phoenix area, this means the spaces within buildings where people are living.

Bark scorpions have a light brown and deceptively “slimy” appearance. This is due to theBbasgen-bark-scorpionir unusual ability to store fats just beneath the outer layers of their soft exoskeletons. As other insects enter dark, cool spaces, the bark scorpion will likely follow to find quick meals. Once they discover the pest opportunities in an accessible home or business, they will immediately “move in.”

Bark spiders are nocturnal pests and perform all of their basic life functions in the safety of darkness. This includes hunting, burrowing, traveling, mating, molting and congregation. A common site in a Phoenix home is to turn the lights on in a bathroom to prepare for the day, a find several dozen tan ba00_MCP_2010_0131rk scorpions huddled around a shower drain looking for warmth and moisture. Unlike other pests like cockroaches and mice, bark scorpions do not scatter because of light or the presence of people. Be prepared for a stand-off with a scorpion invasion. They also prefer a comfortable spot to “hang-out” that suspends them upside-down. This gives more reason to never hang you arm over the bed at night. There could be a stinging monster somewhere down there.

No matter how a person reacts to the sight of a bark scorpion, once an infestation occurs, only professional pest control will be successful at getting rid of this eight-legged nightmare. The sting of a bark scorpion is extremely painful and can be fatal if an allergic reaction takes place. Why risk finding out if you are allergic? The first time spotting a bark scorpion inside is reason enough to have a full evaluation performed by Responsible Pest control ,an experienced Phoenix AZ pest control company that specializes in everything from scorpions to termite control. Responsible Pest control is the best termite control phoenix has ever seen. not to mention other pests they specialize in.